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Shooting School Courses

At Forrest Estate Shooting School, we appreciate how difficult it can often be to get started in shooting sports, especially for those who are not involved with others who already take part in some form or another. Whilst newcomers are always encouraged, it can often be daunting for those seeking guidance.

Our Shotgun Training Courses have been specifically designed to provide a personal one on one initiation to shooting, no mixed groups. Whether your interest lies in ascertaining the essentials of safe Shotgun Shooting or acquiring a better understanding of the fundamentals of Clay Pigeon Shooting, Game shooting or indeed both.

Our courses include a morning modular course followed by an afternoon experiencing a selection of shooting stands where you will receive professional instruction from your APSI qualified instructor on various shooting methods plus how to hit moving targets.

All equipment required including guns, cartridges, clays, eye and ear protection will be supplied however, should you own your own shotgun then we would encourage you to bring this along.

Attendees with receive a ‘Shotgun Safety Competency’ certificate in recognition of their participation.

All courses are tailored to the attendee's level of experience and particular sporting interest, thus ensuring you get the upmost from your Experience.

Shotgun Skills Course

Shotgun Skills and safety Training Course

An excellent Introduction  to the basics of shotguns, shotgun shooting and safety etc.

Duration: Day (9.30am - 4.30pm)

Cost: £245.00 (£195.00pp - 2 persons)

Clay Pgeon Shooting
Introduction to Clay Pigeon Shooting

Introduction to Clay Pigeon Shooting

Introduction to the skills of clay pigeon shooting including safety, shooting methods etc.

Duration: Day (9.30am - 4.30pm)

Cost: £245.00 (£195.00pp - 2 persons)

Have a Go Cla Pigeon Shooting
Introduction to Game Shooting

Introduction to the art of

Game Shooting

Excellent introduction to Game Shooting including field skills and shooting etiquette. 

Duration: Day (9.30am - 4.30pm)

Cost: £245.00 (£195.00pp - 2 persons)

Shooting Lessons
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